Nikunj Dave

Managing Director, Aarya Precast India Pvt Ltd

How do you define success ?

– Getting the best job in the world or by creating the best job ?
– Earning highest profit or gaining highest satisfaction?
– Definition of successful career may vary from person to person, but one thing is sure that each of us has capacity to achieve it !!!

When I see my self and classmates, I can clearly see a very crystal clear unique quality which enabled us to be successful in our career agenda !! And without any doubt, professors at NIRMA university had played very important role in developing that unique quality in us !!

NIRMA university is like our second mother, who gave us knowledge, lessons, opportunities to be one of our own kind to make this world more beautiful. She taught us how to be creative. She taught us how to be proactive.  She taught us how to stay simple. She taught us how to learn everything. She taught us how to be responsible citizen. And most importantly, she taught us how to pay back to society, nation and nature.

You will find all above statements true while going through my profile. I sincerely appreciate the way NIRMA transforms students into professional.

Namaskar !!
Jai Hind !!