Laboratory Facilities

Department has well-equipped laboratories pertaining to Structural Engineering, Concrete Technology, Geotechnical Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Surveying catering to the needs of teaching, research and consultancy. Testing and consultancy services are entrusted to the department by various government and practicing organizations. Department is recognised as Schedule – I Environmental Auditor by Gujarat Pollution Control Board (GPCB), Government of Gujarat.

The Concrete Technology laboratory is equipped with basic as well as advanced facilities related to field and laboratory testing for evaluation of properties of cement, aggregate, admixture and concrete.

Major Equipment in the laboratory includes: Compression testing machine of capacity 3000 kN, Flexure testing machine, Mortar Mixer, Hot Air Ovens, Concrete Mixture Machines, Accelerated Curing Tank, Autoclave, Self Compacting Concrete testing facilities, Tile abrasion testing machine, facilities for manufacturing and testing of paver blocks, AAC blocks, etc.

The laboratory is equipped with various equipment, which enable students to comprehend properties of different materials such as hardness, elasticity, ductility, different types of stresses etc. Major Equipment in the laboratory includes: Universal Testing Machine (40 T capacity), Vickers Hardness Testing Machine, Rockwell cum Brinell Hardness Testing Machine, Impact Testing Machine, Fatigue Testing Machine, Torsion Testing Machine, etc.

Structural Mechanics laboratory facilitates students to understand basic concepts related to structural analysis for different elements such as cantilever beam, simply supported beam, overhanging beam, propped cantilever beam, fixed beam, column and strut, three hinged arch, truss, portal frame etc. under gravity and lateral loading. This laboratory also provides opportunity to visualise behaviour of basic structural elements in effective manner through various hands-on exercises.

Some of the Equipment in the laboratory includes: Reaction Frame used to perform experimentation related to deflection of different types of beams and frames, Column and Strut Apparatus, Three Hinged Arch Apparatus, Portal Frame Apparatus, Redundant Joint Apparatus, Deflection of Truss Apparatus, Elastically Coupled Beam Apparatus, Unsymmetrical Bending Apparatus, Elastic Properties of Deflected Beam Apparatus, Lateral Loading Assembly etc.

Construction Materials laboratory facilitates students to visualise the understanding and manufacturing of various construction materials related to bricks, hollow blocks, paver blocks, interlocking blocks, cellular light weight concrete blocks, Tensile test on various materials such as plastic, rubber, fibers, steel etc.

Some of the Equipment in the laboratory includes: Brick and Block Making Machine, Foam Generator, Air Compressor, Concrete Mixer, Tensile Testing Machine.

The laboratory is equipped with basic and advanced equipment related to the field and laboratory investigation for engineering properties of soil. Laboratory also has various digitalised equipment to match the need of current professional practices.

Major Equipment in the laboratory includes: Digital Triaxial Compression Test Apparatus, Static Cone Penetration test Apparatus, Three Gang Digital Consolidation Test Apparatus, Digital resistivity meter, Universal Automatic Compactor, Digitalised Direct Shear Test Apparatus, Laboratory Vane Shear Test Apparatus, Swell Test Apparatus, Standard Penetration Test Set-up and Universal Hydraulic Extractor.

Transportation engineering laboratory is equipped with various instruments related to testing of pavement materials and bituminous mixes.  Major Equipment in the laboratory includes: Los Angeles Abrasion Testing Machine, Deval Abrasion testing machine, Marshall Stability test apparatus, Buoyancy Balance (sp. gravity test apparatus), Automatic Standard Penetrometer, Bitumen extractor and Benkelman Beam. 

Environmental Engineering Laboratory is equipped with different equipment to measure the quality of air, water and noise. The laboratory also cater the test facilities related to environmental audit.

Major equipment in the laboratory includes: Digital pH Meter, Digital Conductivity Meter, Digital TDS Meter, Digital Nephelo Turbidity Meter, Micro Controller based Colony Counter, Membrane Filtration Assembly SS, Digital Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) Analyser, BOD Incubator, Bacteriological Incubator, Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) Digestion Apparatus, Distillation Apparatus, Fine Particulate Sampler 2.5, Respirable Dust Sampler and Sound Level Meter.

Surveying Laboratory facilitates students to understand the fundamentals of land measurement and also caters to the advanced survey techniques like Remote Sensing, GIS, GPS, LIDAR used in the field . Laboratory also includes soft computing techniques, software like CalQuan, ENVI, Geomedia Professional and Arc GIS for generation of maps and analysis of collected field data. 

Major equipment in the laboratory includes: Total Station, GPS Receiver, Digital Level, Automatic level, Digital Planimeter, Transit Vernier Theodolite.

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