Site Visit to Signature Bridge


Students of 1st year and 2nd year M. Tech. (CASAD) accompanied by three faculty members (Dr. P. V. Patel, Dr. S. P. Purohit and Prof. S. D. Raiyani) got the opportunity to visit Signature Bridge on 28 – 29, February 2020. The first day 28th February 2020 on the way to Dwarka visited 6 lane expansion of NH47, Bitumen mix and Concrete mix plant visit at Sayala and got information about different technical aspects of road construction in detail. Second day 29th February 2020 we have visited the Signature Bridge. The Signature Bridge will be four-lane with 900 m long central cable-stayed module connecting Okha and Beyt Dwarka and will have solar panels to generate the 1MW electricity. The total length of the Bridge is 2320 m which includes the cable stay span of 900 m and an approach span of 1420 m with retaining walls 3483 m. The purpose of the visit was to understand the various state of art construction technology and design technicality for construction of piles, pile caps, piers, deck slab and unique central cable-stayed module in flowing seawater having the depth of ~ 13 m. We have also got the chance to visit the working of L & T tollbooth near Dhrol.

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