Effective and Innovative pedagogy plays an important role in improving the quality of teaching-learning and ensures attainment of learning objectives. The Institute has well-defined policies and internal quality assurance system to achieve quality in teaching-learning process. At the Department level, a well-defined system is in place to design the content and monitor delivery of the same. ICT tools are used extensively to support, enhance, and optimise the teaching and learning experience. Lectures, tutorials and laboratory sessions form the essential components of pedagogy. Emphasis is also on project based learning in the form of minor and major projects, where students work on live problem definitions and research ideas. Industrial visits, a fraction of courses taught by industry experts and internships give students a flavor of the current practices and advancements in the industry.


The evaluation process has mainly three components, Continuous Evaluation (CE), Laboratory and Practical Work (LPW), Project Work (PW) and Semester End Examination (SEE). The components may vary depending on the nature of the course. These components effectively lead to the attainment of course outcomes and hence the POs and PSOs.

Gr-1 A to G Divisions; Gr-2 H to N Divisions

*HS101B & HS101I English Communication would be offered to Vernacular & English medium students respectively

*To be offered for Three weeks in summer vacation between semester II and III.

Course Code Course Name
2CL701 Design of Steel Structure
2CL702 Professional Practice
2CLDEXX Department Elective – IV
2CLDEXX Department Elective – V
2XXOEXX Open Elective – III
2XXOEXX Open Elective – IV
2CL703 Minor Project

Compulsory Summer Internship of 4 to 6 weeks duration in summer break between Semester VI and VII

Course Code Course Name
2CL801 Internship / Major Project
Course Code Course Name
3CL1101 Advanced Structural Analysis
3CL1102 Structural Dynamics
3CL1103 Design of Concrete Structures
3CL1104 Design of Steel Structures
3CL1105 Advanced Concrete Technology
3SP1101 Communication Skills and Technical Writing
Course Code Course Name
3CL1301 Major Project Part-I

Summer Internship of 4 to 6 weeks duration in summer break between Semester II and III

Course Code Course Name
3CL1401 Major Project Part-II

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