Programmes Offered

Civil Engineering department offers BTech, MTech and PhD programmes.

Undergraduate Programme

BTech in Civil Engineering is a four year programme with an intake of 120 students. The curriculum of Civil Engineering is a blend of basic science, engineering science and professional core courses covering fundamental aspects of Engineering. It also includes professional elective courses catering to the need of recent technological developments in Civil Engineering. Students are also offered a choice of open electives at Institute and University level. For holistic development of students, courses on humanities and social sciences are included in the curriculum.

The Minor Program

The Department offers Minor in following specialised areas of Civil Engineering to undergraduate students.

  • Structural Engineering
  • Construction Technology and Management

BTech students of Civil Engineering Department can also opt for Minors offered by other departments or institutes –

  • Computer Engineering
  • Robotics and Automation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Design

Postgraduate Programme (MTech)

The Department offers two year postgraduate programme; MTech in Civil Engineering (Computer Aided Structural Analysis and Design – CASAD) with an intake of 18 students. Students are offered specialised courses during the first two semesters. Major Project work of one year duration with emphasis on research adds value to the programme.

Semester wise curriculum for MTech in Civil Engineering (CASAD) is at Curriculum page.

MTech (by Research)

MTech (by Research) programme enables the professionals from industry and research organisations to pursue their post-graduation in specialised domains of Civil Engineering. The programme has a customised blend of courses for domain specific knowledge acquisition followed by rigorous research work. The programme involves one semester of course-work followed by working on a research problem culminating into a thesis at the end of minimum three-year.

Doctoral Programme 

Doctoral programme focuses on original research that can contribute to the existing body of knowledge. The programmes builds research capability that includes critical review, problem formulation, data analysis, research outputs and research contribution. PhD Scholars are encouraged to actively participate in international and national conferences and publish their research work in highly acclaimed research journals. The Institute facilitates PhD scholars to publish a patent based on pioneering research.


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